Cookie Story
In 1927, a Girl Guide leader in Regina baked and boxed up cookies for her girls as a simple way to raise money for 
uniforms and camping equipment. Little did she know that she was starting one of Canada’s greatest traditions - Girl Guide cookies!

Girl Guide cookies are the official fundraiser of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada. Funds raised through cookies sales support girls and women in Guiding by:  
Helping us provide diverse and exciting programs and activities
Allowing girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and making lasting friendships
Assist girls and leaders with attending camps and events
Providing training and support for leaders

There’s a lot of history behind Girl Guide cookies!
1927 - The first GGC cookies are sold in Regina, Saskatchewan.
1929 - GGC starts selling cookies.
1946 - Vanilla crème, maple cream and shortbread cookies are introduced.
1953 - Classic chocolate and vanilla cookies made their first appearance.
1960 - A special box commemorates the 50th Jubilee of GGC. 
1966 - The classic vanilla and chocolate cookies are back!
1967 - GGC centennial cookies are sold.
1991 - During the Gulf War, every Canadian soldier was given a box of GGC cookies upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.
1992 - Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, a former Member, carries GGC cookies into space.
1995 – The chocolatey mint cookies are sold in all provinces across Canada
2003 - All classic chocolate and vanilla and chocolatey mint cookies are produced in a nut-free and peanut-free bakery.
2008 - GGC introduced a bright new look for the chocolatey mint and classic cookie boxes to highlight the camaraderie,            
            teamwork and variety of activities that Guiding offers.
2009 - GGC announced and launched reduced trans fat in the chocolatey mint cookies
2009 - GGC launches first national cookie selling rewards initiative- Cookie All Stars
2010 - The 100th anniversary cookie box is introduced for the classic campaign. 
          The classic chocolate and vanilla cookies are now 0 g trans fat per serving.
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Questions About Our Cookies

Q When are Girl Guide cookies available?
Girl Guide cookies are available twice a year - the chocolatey mint cookies are available every fall (October to December) and the classic chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies are available every spring (from approximately March to June).

Q  When I buy Girl Guide cookies, where does my money go?
Proceeds from the sale of Girl Guide cookies support Guiding activities - both in your community and across the country. The money raised through cookie sales:
Helps us provide diverse and exciting programs and activities.
Allows girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and make lasting friendships.
Assists girls and leaders with attending camps and events.

Q  How does cookie selling benefit girls?
Cookie selling not only raises funds for Guiding programs, but provides opportunities for girls to develop skills such as:
Planning and goal setting
Community involvement
Safety awareness
Problem solving and decision making
Money and time management
Customer service

Q Have you reduced the trans fats in Girl Guide Cookies?
Girl Guides of Canada is proud to announce that our classic chocolate and vanilla Girl Guide cookies now have 0 g trans fat per serving while our chocolatey mint cookies have 90 per cent less trans fat per serving than before. We have worked closely with our baker Dare Foods Ltd to reduce the trans-fat content of our cookies while maintaining the same great taste that Canadians love. As always, it is important to remember that cookies are a treat.

Q How much does a box of Girl Guide cookies cost?
Girl Guide cookies are sold for only $5.00 a box.

Q How many boxes of Girl Guide cookies are sold each year?
Over 4.4 million boxes of Girl Guide cookies are sold each year across Canada.

Q Can girls earn badges or awards for their cookie selling efforts?
Yes, there are several cookie programs and initiatives that allow girls to earn badges or awards:
The Cookies Rising Badge Program integrates cookies selling activities into the Guiding program. The girl-centered
activities for each Guiding level help girls develop important life skills like teamwork, goal setting, communication 
and money management. In addition, some provinces have initiated their own cookie badges.
Cookie All Stars is GGC's new cookie selling rewards initiative that will allow girls to take a more active role in deciding 
how, when and to whom they will sell cookies. In addition, they can earn prizes based on the number of cookies they 
order and sell.
Rangers can earn a certificate by taking a role in supporting at least four cookie campaigns.

Q  Are Girl Guide cookies nut-free?
There are no nuts or nut products in Girl Guide cookies. The nut-free statement is located beside the ingredient list on all cookie boxes. To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, our cookies are produced in a nut-free/peanut-free bakery to ensure that everyone can enjoy them.

Q  Are Girl Guide cookie boxes environmentally friendly?
Yes, they are printed on 100 per cent recycled material while the box's coating is water-based (which is more eco-friendly than previous coatings).

Q How long has GGC been selling cookies?
GGC has been selling cookies since 1927. It all began when a Regina Girl Guide Leader baked and packaged cookies as a simple way to raise money. Girl Guide cookies are a time-honoured and eagerly awaited Canadian tradition.

Q Who should I contact if I have more questions or concerns?
You can call our Cookie Consumer Service number at 1-800-507-7564 

To join us please call 1-800-565-8111 or
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making skits and doing fun crafts and events. Alyssa

My favorite thing about being a Girl Guide is Camping! Aleisha