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ages 5-6

Sparks is where the Guiding adventure begins

What do girls in Sparks do? 
The girls will meet once a week for one hour.  The leader (Guider) will plan weekly activities for the girls to do together, helping them to become aware of their community and to make new friends.

The Sparks Program  encourages the girls to try a bit of everything in a safe and fun atmosphere
They will also have the opportunity to start collecting badges recognizing their efforts.

No two Spark Meetings are alike, but girls can anticipate –
*Visiting neighbourhood     landmarks 
*Making crafts and        
  singing songs 
*Exploring the arts  
*Preparing simple snack 
*Discovering outdoors
*Planning a sleepover 
Sparks learn to share and to work together in their community.

ages 7-8
Brownies is a place for girls to be girls. Joining a group (unit), girls learn to share and work together, enjoying the fun and rewards of their accomplishments.
What do Brownies do?
Brownie units meet once a week.  Meetings evolve around a program
designed to encourage and develop each girl’s individual identity and to support positive relationships with others. 
The Brownie Program
Brownies gain confidence by learning
skills they can use in their daily lives;
everything from safety and eco-awareness to the importance of healthy choices. 
No two Brownie Meetings are alike, but girls can anticipate –
*Creating craft and     
*Exploring science and  
*Making friendships 
*Working at community 
  service projects 
*Celebrating cultures and  events 
*Learning to use basic 
*Planning healthy menus 
Brownies work on exciting badges, go camping, visit interesting places and most of all, they have fun.
ages 9-11

Who are we?
We are girls - new to Guiding or coming up from Brownies 

How’d you like to …
Have fun and to make new friends? -or-
Do new things or learn more about things you know?   

Can you imagine …
Waking up to girls excited about a new day at camp? – or -
Being apart of a new experience with your friends on the weekend? 

What do Guides do?
Meet once a week–
The fun begins once you decide what you’d like to accomplish.
Together, the Unit works to plan and organize activities, camps and outtings. And of course, you’ll have a blast hanging out with other girls. 

No two Guide Meetingsare alike, but you can anticipate– 
*Sleeping at pj parties 
*Eating for fun and health  *Planning activities and 
*Camping under the 
*Acting for movies 
*Helping the community 
*Working with friends  
ages 12-14

Do you know who they are? Girls of all shapes and sizes, with loud or quiet voices.They are new to Guiding or coming up from Guides.

What do Pathfinders do? They meet once a week - some meetings are for planning and others are for playing. The girls make their plans with the guidance of an adult leader. 

A Pathfinder has the opportunity to take the lead, and to get involved. Working together, girls learn the power of teamwork, and their personal contribution. 

International travel can be an option particularly, to the Guiding World Centres in Mexico, England, Switzerland and India.

No two Pathfinder meetings are alike, but girls can anticipate–
*Planning an accessory 
  fashion show 
*Organizing a spa 
*Budgeting for a trip 
*Leading activities for    
 younger girls 
*Learning new adventure 
* Making a CD or movie 
*Planning great food 
Pathfinders are on a path to discovering who they are and what they  do.
ages 15-18

Are young women  new to Guiding or coming up from Pathfinders. 

As a Ranger, you’ll enjoy the opportunities and benefits of membership.

The Ranger Program encourages:

You can create the experience you want, by doing the activities and planning together as a group or individual.  Adult mentors will help you to shape your own program to achieve your goals.

International travel can be an option; particularly, to the Guiding World Centres in Mexico, England, Switzerland and India.

As a Ranger, you will have the chance to: 
*Organize adventures 

     on co-ed events 
*Plan a weekend away 
*Learn to budget 
*Organize a community
      service project 
*Apply for Girl Guides of
     Canada scholarships 
*Participate in global
     development projects 

Rangers working together are a dynamic team.

Adult Membership

Adult Membership
You can make a difference in a girl’s life

Volunteering with Girl Guides is a rewarding way to help girls and young women develop the best within themselves. Give a little, gain a lot. No matter how much time you have to give, there’s a place for you in Guiding – an organization that is for girls, by girls and all about girls.

Guiding is the place for today’s women!

Joining Girl Guides of Canada is about more than just helping  achieve greatness. It's also a chance to take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities that we offer our adult Members.

Through Guiding, you can develop skills like Proram delivery 
Financial management 
Team building 
Event planning 
Youth engagement 
Risk management 
Conflict management 
Human resources
International relations 

We're always accepting new Members and you can join anytime throughout the year. 
Girl Membership
Girl GreatnessStarts Here! Girls in Guiding do almost everything they want to do.

Guiding is bold, fun and energetic and empowers girls to face challenges with confidence.
Guiding is a safe, all-girl environment that allows girls to express themselves, find their voice and meet new friends.
Guiding offers gives girls the tools and resources they need to achieve greatness.
Guiding's contemporary programming offers a wide variety of age-appropriate program activities and challenges that are relevant to the needs and interests of today's girls and young women. Girls learn skills, engage in discovery, learn to connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place.

We welcome girls of all ages to join at anytime. A description of our programs is below.
Adult Membership
Make a difference in the lives of girls, and they'll make a great difference in yours!

When you volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada, you enrich the lives of girls and young women by helping them discover the very best within themselves.

Benefits of Membership
Joining Girl Guides of Canada as a Member-volunteer is about more than helping girls achieve greatness. It is also an opportunity to take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities through training in:

Youth engagement and mentoring strategies
Program delivery and management
Effective age-appropriate communication techniques
The specific needs and development of girls and young women
Through Guiding, you can develop additional skills and gain experience in leadership development and team building, event planning and financial management, international travel and you can apply for post-secondary scholarships.
For more than 100 years, Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada has been the leading organization dedicated solely to girls, offering fun and relevant programming to more than 7 million girls across Canada.

Today’s Guiding is a safe, inclusive, all-girl environment that invites girls to challenge themselves, find their voice, meet new friends and make a difference in the world. Over 70,000 girls and young women are currently Members in Canada, with leadership provided by more than 18,000 dedicated Member-volunteers.
My favorite things about being a Girl Guides are Camping and art! Belle

My favorite thing about being a Girl Guide is all the camps! Morgan